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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Et-117

Instructions and Help about Et-117

Music this episode was pre-recorded as part of a live continuing education webinar on demand CEUs are still available for this presentation through all CEUs register at all CEUs comm slash counselor toolbox you so I'd like to welcome everybody to today's presentation on motivational enhancement you can see I got a little snarky with the design on the powerpoints today and we're doing something a little different I don't do different very often so that's big for me anyhow today we're going to compare and contrast motivational enhancement therapy with other approaches we're going to talk about how it differs specifically between cognitive behavioral and sort of Rogerian we'll briefly review the frames approach describe the stages of change which you've heard before but we're going to go over them real quick again define a DD a a r RS and ORS and then we'll explore strategies for increasing motivation and we're really going to focus on this last one more than anything because a lot of the rest of this stuff is kind of review but it's necessary to pra nice pretty container for everything in case you don't have a background in motivational interviewing or motivational enhancement so motivational enhancement therapy was created as a technique to use with people and it's a four session therapy sometimes six that you can use with people who are trying to make a behavior change and it generally starts out with an assessment and a session then a follow-up sometime later two weeks to a month later so they're really spaced out so this is obviously something that's geared towards somebody who is relatively psychologically stable making a behavior change relatively motivated but what we're doing with motivational enhancement therapy is we're saying okay we see you want to make a change and we want to support you in that change we want to help you keep your motivation going because when you have high motivation you're going to be more likely to seek out resources and do the next right thing and this is really a technique that uses a lot of client empowerment in order to get the job done more so than specific techniques the emphasis is on personal choice regarding future behavior you know it's I'm not going to tell you what to do is what are you motivated to do and why the objective evaluation is focused on eliciting the client's own concerns so if JimBob comes in and he says you know I'm here because my Pio says I have to be here he says I need a drug evaluation well that's telling me in the beginning that JimBob doesn't think he has a drug problem so I want to know what the clients concerns are so you came so obviously there's something motivating you to be here what is it and I worked with felony probation and parole for many years and you know that was not an unusual scenario so.


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