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declaration executor's commissions and attorney's fees

If more-specific instructions conflict with these general instructions, you are responsible for determining which instructions apply. You need to complete the Form 4421 and sign it in front of a notary public or other official authorized to sign on your behalf. Keep a copy of the completed tax form as a record of the transaction. What are the different steps involved in filing the Form 4421? Step 1. Complete Form 4421. After you pay any taxes you owe, you will receive a Form 4421. On that form, you will have to enter the date you paid each tax and the amount of taxes you owe. Step 2. Send Form 4421 and pay any due taxes without delay. Make sure you mail the completed and signed form, including your personal identification number and federal tax identification number (ITIN), to the address shown on any government-issued notice from the IRS of the tax.

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Form 1040A PDF. Form 1040 PDF. Forms 1040-EZ and Form 1040-P PDF. Forms 1040-NR PDF. Forms 3115 and 3115A PDF.

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The IRS form should show the executor's fee and a breakdown of the assets to be distributed according to the pre-determined parameters of each person's Estate Plan. A detailed breakdown of assets that will be distributed by the executor, and the executor's fees, should also be provided to the beneficiary so that the beneficiary can make decisions about the division of these funds. The executor's fee is one of three types of executor's fees payable to the trustee. In any non-distribution type of estate, the executor's fees are payable to the “executor's agent” of the pre-approved Form 4500 as outlined in Internal Revenue Code Section 4500(a). In these situations, any fees must be disclosed on the executor's Form 4500. A fee paid to the executor's agent is taxed as an income fee, although a tax deduction (not a credit) may be taken for the amount paid to the executor's agent..

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The executor is typically paid only after the estate passes to the next of kin. The executor and the executor's attorney are required by law to file a formal declaration of commission with the IRS. Any income derived by the executor beyond that payment will be tax-free. What is the executor's tax filing status? An executor is either a sole proprietor, an individual, or a married couple who files a joint return. The executor's tax filing status is dependent upon the value of the estate at time of death. (See our article on estate tax withholding.) Individuals and married couples who file joint income tax returns for the years 2 (for tax year 2008 and beyond) may be in a two tax bracket situation. They are classified as a single or a married couple and pay 10 percent. The remaining 90 percent of the estate is taxed at death at the maximum tax rate.

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